Own your own business. Take risks. Hire who you want. Work when you want. And just watch the cash pour in.  

Is this the definition of an entrepreneur? The answer is a resounding no. There’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenesthings that may not make the Instagram highlight reel. In addition, recent evolutions in our economy have made that answer even more complicated! 

The Rise of the Gig Economy 

Being an entrepreneur is complicated by the fact that there are so many options to earn income now. It is now estimated that about Japan has over million freelancers as of 2018, up approximately 5% from the prior year. 

If you just stumbled on that last sentence and said, “Um, what now?” — don’t worry. The term “gig economy is relatively new and has risen in popularity over the last decade. But the concept is certainly not a new one.

You can look at gig work almost like freelancing, with the added idea that you can get short-term jobs like driving a car, cleaning a house, delivering packages, or being a personal assistant. Workers often use mobile apps to find gigs. 

Can You Work Gigs Full Time? 

Yes. There is an currently an imbalance in the supply and demand for talent, resulting in a situation where people can take multiple jobs to fill the gaps. Meaning plenty of full-time freelance work.

Traditionally, people entering the workforce or those looking to change careers will browse this info to see if their dream of being a teacher, nurse, psychologist, etc., is feasible. According to recent stats, it now appears that being a professional gig worker can really be an option.

What Workers Want From Gigs 

The types of gigs you can get hired for are just as diverse as the reasons why people have joined the gig economy. Some folks are tired of working for someone else and enjoy flexibility. Others are exhausted from long hours and being over worked and want to find something that allows them to spend more time with their family. Many have student loans they are paying off. Plus, the overall attitude toward work is changing.   

Network marketing is a terrific option that offers what today’s gig workers are looking for. With direct sales, you can work on your own time, in your own style.

What ‘Entrepreneur’ Means in the Gig Economy 

If someone is working in the gig economy, does that make them an entrepreneur? Sure! Think of it this way: Freelancers run their own business, and as someone who is making money by gigging, you are freelancing your time and skills.  

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean you invented a product, appeared on TV to pitch your idea to get massive amounts of funding, and went into mass production. It means you oversee your own resources, including time, money, and strategy.  

Sounds pretty cool, right?  

 Are You Ready To Be an Entrepreneur? 

Here are three prerequisites to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the gig economy. (Keep in mind, these are just guidelines!) 

1. You Are Passionate About Something 

When people ask you what your passion is, can you chat with them about it for at least five minutes? Do you light up with a burning flame that starts in the center of your heart and just pours out of you when someone inquires about what drives you? Do you feel like you could toil endlessly for hours at what you love and not even notice the time fly by?

Even if you’re not doing something particularly meaningful, does the very idea that you are in charge of your own empire spark joy?

If this is you, good. That’s the first step. You must love something about what you are doing if you’re going to step out on your own. You will be the only one responsible for driving the business, so you’re going to have to grind.

What should that grind look like? Only time will tell. Many entrepreneurs paint a picture of what you need to succeed, but only you can dictate your destiny and find out what you’re truly made of.

2. You Can Make Decisions 

Because entrepreneurs are in charge of everything, you will need to be able to make decisions, sometimes swiftly. Decisiveness is one of the main traits of entrepreneurs, so if you don’t have it, you’ll have to hone that trait.

Time is money. If you waste time being indecisive, you waste your employees’, partners’, and clients’ money as well as your own. 

You are now a leader, whether it’s just to yourself or a group of people, and leaders inspire. You can’t inspire if you waffle every time you make a decision. 

So, if you tend to be unsure about decisions in your life, how do you get better?  

Just practice. You are not perfect, and there are no perfect choices or answers. Stop seeking perfection and trying to solve complex problems. Be confident in your choices, and rest a little easier knowing you are in charge and have the best interests of your organization at heart.

3. When You Have an Idea, You Are Relentless 

Once you have a solid idea, game plan, or strategy, does it eat at you until you can’t seem to let it go? If so, entrepreneurship may be in your future!  

You don’t have a boss or supervisor to keep you on task and follow up with your progress. Therefore, you must be able to stay the course, not give up, keep chasing your goals, and not let tasks fall through the cracks.  

We’re not just talking about self-discipline here. We’re talking about the foundational desire to get things right to stay true to your vision. Your desire will also push you to constantly learn new things about the field you are in. This includes new skills and more details about what you are selling.  

You have more freedom than ever before to do what you want and grow as a person. How you choose to do that is up to you. 


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