Enrolling New Members  

  1. When sharing Isagenix, be sure to introduce yourself as an Isagenix Independent Associate.  
  2. When introducing someone to the opportunity, you must issue the Gaiyo Shomen (Isagenix Membership Registration Guide) free of charge, explain its contents, and answer any questions the new Member may have. 
  3. During enrollment, confirm with the Member that the Gaiyo Shomen has been received.  
  4. The Member will be issued a Welcome Kit and a printed copy of the Gaiyo Shomen. A reminder document, or Keiyaku Shomen, will also be sent to the prospective Customer confirming the Gaiyo Shomen.  

Important Guidelines  

  1. Get into specific details. When talking about Isagenix, always include the following:  
    • The type of product offered, highlighting its quality and benefits. 
    • The cost of the product, shipping, and any other associated fees.  
    • Any potential commission earned from the sale of the product.  
    • How to return or cancel per the Isagenix policy. 
  2. Always check to make sure the person is eligible to join IsagenixMinors and students are not eligible to join as a Customer or Associate.  
  3. Cold calling will get you the cold shoulder. Refrain from approaching or contacting someone without sharing that the purpose of the interaction is to recruit for your Isagenix business. It’s important to know that any meeting or one-on-one should be held in a location where the public can enter or exit freely. 
  4. Tell the truth. Do not state or provide any information that may be false or misleading. Refer to our Japan Compliance page for more guidance.